The new Class D Studio Series.





Over the last couple of years Zapco has introduced more than our pure high end SQ Competition amps. We have also introduced a line of great sounding amps in an affordable price range called the Studio series. The Studio D amps are full range Class D amps with great sound, a compact chassis, and more crystal clear power than the competition.

Thanks to a brand new technology, we are able use the NXP Class D solution to get amazing power and performance in a incredibly compact chassis with over 90% efficiency. And this diminutive little beast has all the features of the larger amps... and optional HD Bluetooth streaming!


The HD Bluetooth Module (optional) is a Qualcomm CSR8675 premium tier single-chip solution with 80 MHz DSP, delivering high quality 

wireless audio performance over Bluetooth and aptX HD making it an ideal choice for premium audio products.


What makes the MINI amps truly amazing are their extremely small sizes. The ST-34D MINI measures only 10,3 cm (4”) x 8,6 cm (3,4”), and the ST-64D MINI is only 2 cm (0,8”) longer.



These little beasts aren’t just small, and they aren’t just powerful.

They had to earn the Zapco name before we put them into production. But that’s still not all there is to these new amps. They have all the advanced features you would expect... and more. Thanks to a brand new technology, we are able use the NXP Class D solution to get amazing power and performance in a incredibly compact chassis with over 90% efficiency. 

The Mini-Amps Series includes three 4-channel amps with 35 Watts RMS/Ch @ 4Ω (ST-34D MINI), 60 Watts RMS/Ch @ 4Ω (ST-64D MINI), 

and 90 Watts RMS/Ch @ 4Ω (ST-104D MINI) at less than 0.5% distortion.

And all have the HD Bluetooth Module port.


Class D Mini Amplifiers

We also have something special for you if you could handle a little larger chassis? Like the standard Studio X compact chassis? How about 1100 watts of full range Class D power... and Bluetooth streaming?

Once again, a whole lot of amp in a very small chassis. And this chassis can house a 5-channels amp, a 6-channels amp, and a high power stereo unit. The upgraded TI technology means these amps are also 90% efficient, just like the Mini amps. So again... the power to size is huge. These amplifiers are less than 1/2 the size of any similarly powered amplifiers we have ever made.

New for 2019, Zapco offers two of the Studio D series amplifiers with on-board digital processing (DSP). To make tuning a breeze we developed and highly functional but easy to use control program (GUI) for PC, and for added convenience, you can make adjustments wirelessly with your smart device.


ST-105D BT

High Power Amplifiers 

The new Zapco Class D ST-Series Amplifiers