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The Zapco Z-Series II Amplifiers.





In 2012 Zapco introduced the new Z-Series of SQ amps. These amps were not conceived so much by our engineers, as by input from audiophiles and car sound fanatics around the world. We experimented with internal components and new circuits to see if we could take our amps to the next level of sound quality by investing in higher SQ parts and circuit designs. The resulting Z-Series amps were the product of this unique development method.

This year we stepped back and looked at what we could do to improve that 2012 Z-Series amplifier. We knew we could bring the price down, because of improvements in technology over the last few years. These had allowed us to build the Z-series AP and SP amps and keep consumer cost at a reasonable level. So, we have now brought the Z-Series into the same plant as the Z-series SP and AP models. That lowers the price, but what could we do the make it better? We saw that a lot of the non-critical parts from the AP and SP amps could also be used in the new Z-Series, as well as some of the SQ parts that we could use in all models for improved production efficiency.  The New Z-series II amps now provide both better performance and lower consumer pricing. A double win for the car audio fan.

About the new Z-II Series amplifiers  



Over the last years we have developed two specialized amplifiers to take auto sound to a different level. The Z-Series AP amp, the ultimate SQ amp. No controls except gain. We also brought out the Z-SP Series amps for the fanatics that want to play full-volume full-time but still get audiophile sound. This year we stepped back and took a look at the amp that started it all. The Z-Series amplifier.

Here's the beef for the Class AB full range Competition Amps:

• A new TI op-amp that give considerably better signal to noise ratio, with a lower floor noise 

• We used the same audiophile grade caps that we use in the LX and SP amps

• Beefed up the power supply with more storage, less internal resistance and lower inductance for higher efficiency 

• We added more MOSFETS to the power supply for efficiency and current handling

Here's the beef for the Class D Competition Bass Amps:

• A beefed up power supply • Increased power • New high end audio caps like the SQ amps 

• New TI low noise op-amps like the SQ amps • Improved tiffany style panel mount RCA connectors

• The end plates are now recessed like the LX amps for a cleaner look

• The plastic controls have been replaced by the new metal pots and switches. The new pots  also have detents (like the SP amps) at 40ea so you can accurately set crossovers and gains identical with multiple amplifiers


Class AB Competition Sound Quality Amplifiers

The Zapco Z-Series II Amplifiers

Z-II Series Inside
Z-II Series Inside
Z-II Series Inside
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