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An accessory remote level control for the Zapco Z-II Series, Z-SP Series amplifiers. The Z-BR II adds new versatility to let you find the best looking and most convenient mounting for your new remote.  You can mount the Z-BR II under dash with the solid metal housing or you can disassemble the housing to remove the bare pot for in-dash mounting. We have included two knobs with the Z-BR II. The 20 mm knob is included to match the size, look and feel of the volume control of most common head units. The 13 mm knob is useful in a crowded dash where finger clearance is needed. It also provides more clearance when mounting the remote under the dash.

Features and Functions


  • Remote Level Control

  • In-Dash or under Dash installation

  • 20 mm and 13 mm knobs provided

Z-BR II   Remote Level Control

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