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Z-CB100F. 100 Farad Super Capacitor Bank.





Increase your Power Capacity with the new Zapco 100 Farad Super Capacitor Bank. 6 supercapacitors of 600 Farad each (connected in series) made it possible to create this 100 Farad (100,000,000 Microfarad) supercapacitor.

With an internal resistance that is infinitely lower than a conventional electrolytic capacitor, they guarantee a very fast transient response, greatly improving the sound quality.

Voltage and current indicators allow you to have the operating parameters of 3 or more amplifiers under control.

Features and Functions


  • Capacity: 100 Farads

  • Support to 3 or more Amplifiers

  • 4 LCD for Amplifier and Voltage Control

  • Very fast Transient Response

  • Improve the Sound Quality

  • Improve the Bass Response

  • Stabilizes Battery Voltage

  • Z-AP Chassis with Solid Copper Plate





  • Working Voltage: 12V DC

  • Peak Voltage: 16V DC

  • Impedance (E.S.R.): 0.0015 Ohm

  • Dimensions in mm: 190(W) x 62(H) x 320(L) 

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