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Troubleshooting and Quick Guides

Here you can find some quick guides and suggestions to solve possible problems during the installation or use of your ZAPCO product:

Note Z001: Amplifier: Class, Power, and Heat



User's Manual, Software, and Firmware Download: Go to the HDSP-V Support Page


User's Manual Download: Quick Start Guide  -  User's Manual (DCP v.2.0.10)

PC Software Download: DCP Software v.2.0.10 (Windows PC)

Mobile APP Download: A-APP v.IV1.03 (Android)  -  i-APP v.IV1.03 (iOS)


User's Manual Download: User's Manual

Analog Signal Processors

The Zapco ASP-Q1 Analog, in-dash processor with a 9.5 volt line driver. It gives you 5 bands of parametric equalization and an active electronic crossover that can be configured as a 2-way system or a 3-way system. Zapco also offers analog processing in 2-way and 4-way crossovers, line drivers, and active OEM adapters.

Download: Analog Signal Processors Manual

Z-AP Series

This year we built an amplifier to set new sound quality standards for both home and car sound reproduction. The Z-Series AP amplifiers. The ultimate Competition SQ audiophile amplifiers designed by listening with ears and much as by measuring.

Download: Z-AP Series Manual

Z-SP Series

The Newest Z Series Competition amplifiers are the SP line, as in Super Power or Street Power. If you want competition level sound quality and want to blow the doors off at the same time, these are your amplifiers. Better efficiency, better power, and rock solid stability.

Download: Z-SP Series Manual

Z-II Series

This year we stepped back and took a look at the amp that started it all. We saw that a lot of the non-critical parts from the LX and SP amps could used in the new Z-Series as well. Even with some of the SQ parts we save by buying more so we can use those in the Z-series also.

Download: Z-II Series Manual

ZX Series

The ZX-Series tales all the sound quality of the Z-Series and adds high current power supplies to take you to new level of SQ  power with 2,000 watts of class A/B punch, and up to 20,000 watts of Class D bass power. This is your amp if too much… is just not quite enough.

Download: ZX Series Class A/B Manual  -  ZX Series Class D Manual

Z-PS Series

We give audio enthusiasts a new product that is both an accessory to the system and a tool for competitions. A low noise, high efficiency AC to DC power converter made to Zapco's standards to drive Zapco amplifiers (or other DC powered devices) from a standard 110V or 220V AC outlet.

Download: Z-PS Series Manual

ST-D.BT Series

Zapco Studio-D BT amps put big power in a small chassis. But these little beasts aren’t just small, and they aren’t just powerful. They sound  great! The ST-DBT amps come in two sizes, two Mico chassis 4-channel units and three larger but still compact chassis; all with Bluetooth Streaming.


Download: ST-D.BT Series Manual

ST-X Series

The Studio-X line of Amplifiers from Zapco was designed specifically for today’s car audio market. The Studio-X compact chassis makes it an easy fit in any car and even in motorcycle fairings. The square, low profile chassis also means it will be easy to trim out for a great looking installation so your system will look as awesome as it sounds.


ST-X DSP Series

User's Manual Download: Quick Start Guide  -  User's Manual (DCP v.1.01)

PC Software Download (Beta version): 4X DCP Software v.1.01 (Windows PC)  -  6X DCP Software v.1.01 (Windows PC)

ST-6X DSP Firmware: 6X Firmware Update (Jan,4 2020)

ST-X Series

Download: ST-X SQ Series Manual - ST-X Series Manual

ST-B Series

Could Zapco put it's 40-years of audio experience to work to develop an amp for every-day use? An amp that all can afford but that will stay true to the Zapco heritage for sound and reliability? Absolutely! We can and we have! The new ST-B amps are a testament to the fact that you can build a quality product with great sound in an amplifier for every­ day use.


Download: ST-B Series Manual


(2015-2017) The first of the radically new Zapco digital products with a completely new look, new features, an easier to use PC GUI, and improved sound quality with improved S/N.


User's Manual Download: Quick Start Guide  -  User's Manual (DCP v.1.0.10)

PC Software Download: DCP Software v.1.0.10 (Windows PC)

DSP-Z8/Z8III/Z6III and DC Series

DSP-Z8, DSP-Z8III, DSP-Z6III, our 3rd generation of digital processing and the Zapco Digital Processing amplifiers. Great sound, clean Zapco power, and stealth fighter looks. The DPN is easier to load and use and the hassles of loading drivers are gone. Just drop the new system onto your desktop and go.

(2011 to 2015) DSP-Z8, Z8 III, Z6 III, DC Series

Download: DSP-Z8/DSP-Z8 III/DSP-Z6 III Manual  -  DPN Software v.  -  Software Updating Guide to v.

Download: DC Series Manual  -  DC Series Introduction

Early (2011) DSP-Z8 and 2nd Gen DC Amplifiers with RCA inputs

The first of the DSP-Z8s, with serial numbers 0001~0500 and the DC amps with RCA inputs use the DPN 200ms program that you can find here: DPN 200ms

2005 to 2010) DSP-Z6, DRC-SL, 1st Gen DC Amplifiers with SymbiLink inputs

The first ever full function digital processor for the car, with a full line of amplifiers with full function on-board processing.

Download: DPN Software v 1.41 (including 64bit Drivers, and Instructions)

Z-LX Series

Upgraded power supply, top end audiophile grade internal components, shortened signal path, custom built pots and more. Then we took out anything that wasn’t needed for sound quality (crossovers, tone controls, etc.) and redesigned the board and gave each LX amp its own numbered badge. They are built for the true audiophile.

Download: Z-LX Series Manual

Z Series

The Z-Series of Zapco amplifiers is the result of our experience over the last 40 years with the technology of sound reproduction, combined with what we have learned in consultations with the home and car audiophile communities over the last few years about human perception of sound.

Download: Z Series Class A/B Manual  -  Z Series Class D Manual

ST-D Series

Today’s technology has allowed us to develop a line of great sounding full range Class D amps at an affordable price range and in a size that’s an easy fit in today’s smaller cars. Small car doesn’t have to mean small sound, and you won’t have to give up the back seat for an amplifier.


Download: ST-D Series Manual

C2K Series

C2K Competition: The C2K Competition Series were produced from 2000 to 2007. They ruled  both the SQ and the SPL lanes for years. There was even talk of making the C2K6.0 illegal for SPL because it was unfair competition.


Download: C2K Series Manual

REF Series

The Reference series: Beginning with AG in '97 through the last Reference in 2007 the line was basically same. Small changes were made from year to year and some models in this manual weren't in the line in until 2002. Form, function, power, and model numbers were constant in all the AG/Reference amps.


Download: REF Series Manual

SL Processor Series

Signal Processors: Zapco SL series of SymbiLink Balanced Line analog processors ran from 1997 to 2007.


Download: SL Processors Manual

SymbiLink Balanced

SymbiLink Balanced: The SymbiLink balanced line adaptors and processors ran from 1997 to 2007. The items are no longer available but you will find the "Pinout" and other information here to make your own cables if you need them for your legacy products.


Download: SymbiLink Balanced Manual