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The Driving Force. Since 1974

ZAPCO is dedicated to the pursuit of audio fidelity. Our prime objectives are to design and manufacture audio products of unsurpassed quality, to provide unparalleled support and service for these products and to conduct business in a manner that will enhance the quality of life for all involved.


There is absolutely no substitute for experience; that is a simple fact of life. Another simple fact is that ZAPCO has, for over forty-two years, been the leader in defining quality standards for the car audio industry. These years of experience have led to a thorough understanding of the challenges that are unique to the world of car audio. ZAPCO’s relentless quest for sonic purity consistently yields imaginative designs that utilize the most innovative technologies. The resulting products set the criteria by which all others in the industry are judged.


At Zapco, we’ve been doing the same thing we have done for over 40 years, constantly searching out innovative ways to bring better sound to the automotive environment. Why do we do it? Because nothing else can grab your soul and bring tears to your eyes like music. Music can make you tap your feet, and dance for joy. Of all the arts, music has the most powerful and immediate effect on your body and your mind. Reproducing music in all its glory, and it’s subtleness, and its detail deserves nothing less than our best efforts.

We do it Because Sound Matters.

The next generation of processing

Zapco processing started in 1978 with the famous PEQ, 9 band, dual channel control, preamp EQ. With balanced inputs, high voltage outputs, and military grade internal components, the PEQ was the first true Sound Quality EQ for the car. The PEQ was followed a few years later by the Zapco PX. The PX was the first parametric EQ for the car. The 90’s brought the Zapco SX series of processors with Zapco parametric equalization, high voltage outputs, fader, and bass to highs balance control. The SX became the new top dog of equalizers on the competition circuit.


In 2004, Zapco led the way to digital. When others were only talking about digital, Zapco offered the first computer controlled digital processing network for the car. The DC line was made up of a 6-channel, full function DSP processor, and a line of car audio amplifiers with full function DSP built right in. And, with Zapco’s DPN network you could use a single computer screen to move from amp to amp to make processing adjustments. In 2012 Zapco upgraded the DSP to the DSP-Z8 with more processing features and 8 output channels. In 2015 Zapco offered the DSP-Z8III and Z6III in more compact chassis for those who need to save space and don’t need to network with the amps.


In January 2017 Zapco Introduced the DSP-Z8 IV and a whole new level of sonic performance. The DSP-Z8 IV is an affordable DSP with sonic performance superior to many units twice it price, and a newly designed user interface that makes tuning a sound system a breeze.

Next up, Zapco introduces the ultimate in-car digital processors, the HDSP V-Series. The HDSP bring tuning features never before offered in a car DSP. HD is for the built-in HD player for high definition audio files. The HD processors can be controlled by direct USB connection to a PC, a Touch Screen Display or you can use the wireless portal with a “smart” device. We programmed the DSP chips to accept any number of different top-end components to provide the more fanatic audiophiles the ability to easily customize the units to their personal tastes.

The revolutionary HDSP

912 MHz, 64 Bit DSP Processor

Floor Noise S/N: -140 dB (A)

Up to 16 Channel Outputs

456 MHz HD Audio Player

Support till 24bit/192KHz

Double speed Touch-Screen Control



Upgradable ADC/DAC Modules

Different IN/OUT options

For the more fanatic audiophiles


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The Zapco Competition Amplifiers


An amplifier to set new sound quality standards for both home and car sound reproduction.

If you want competition level sound quality and want to blow the doors off at the same time.

The ZII-Series, an amplifier that went straight to audio competition winners circle.

Competition and SPL amplifiers. When “too much, is just not quite enough”.

Analog Signal Processors are back

Zapco analog processors are legendary for both sound quality and reliability. Zapco processing started in 1978 with the famous PEQ, 9 band, dual channel control, preamp EQ. The PEQ was followed a few years later by the Zapco PX. The 90′s brought the Zapco SX series of EQs with Zapco parametric equalization, high voltage outputs, fader, and bass to highs balance control. The SX became the new top dog of the competition circuit.


Now Zapco brings you the new family of Zapco analog processors. Zapco processors are designed and built for the audiophile ear. These processors use top end Elna Silmic ll capacitors throughout the signal path. The op amps are the Analog Devices op275s, and we went straight to factory who builds the best precision potentiometers around, and had our own custom pots built for these new processors. Each of these processors is designed to do one job and to do it right. There is an audiophile EQ for the dash. There are 2 electronic crossovers, 2 signal line drivers, and OEM line adapters for upgrading factory srtereos. These processors are all designed for maximum versatility to give you exactly what you need to get the most from your sound system. And they have quality touches to go a step beyond. 


So; If what matters to you is music…if sound is not just the main concern but the only concern…. If you want your system to put you front row center… 


Zapco makes a signal processor just for you.

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