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DAC KIT B14V   DAC Module with AK4490

In building the DSP-Z16V and the other 5th Generation Zapco digital processors, we used the very best components we could find for a production product. But knowing that there would be high-end users out there with their personal favorite ADCs or DACs, we programmed the DSP chips to accept any number of different top-end components to provide the more fanatic audiophiles the abilityto easily customize the units to their personal tastes.

There are two DAC upgrade choices for the HDSP processors. The DAC KIT B14V upgrades the AK4490 DAC that grants an absolutely audible improvement. 


DAC KIT B14V Specifications


  • 32-Bit AK4490 Audio DAC

  • Up to 129 dB Dynamic Range

  • Supports up to 768kHz

  • -112 dB THD+N

  • 8-Channels

DAC AK4490
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