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Register your Zapco HDSP-V


In order to be able to join the official list of Zapco Customers who own an HDSP-V it is necessary that you register your equipment. This will give you the possibility to receive dedicated information on possible updates both on the hardware side and on the software side. You have indeed bought a modular product that can be upgraded. 

You can therefore also do this by contacting the Zapco directly. The software and firmware updates, which are completely free, can be directly made here:

HDSP-V Support Page

The registration of the product also activates an International Warranty that is recognized for a period of two years from the time of purchase. It is honored at the Reseller or Distributor of the country where you made the purchase. In the absence of other assistance the Warranty can be requested directly from Zapco and you have the possibility to bring the product to the nearest Service Center or to send it to Zapco Italian Division: APEX Italy - Via della Meccanica, 14 04011 Aprilia (LT) - ITALY.

If you want to register your product now, go to the below form. Be sure to include all of the information requested on the secure form.

Failure to provide all of the data may delay or cancel your request.

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