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7-Band Parametric EQ/Crossover

Z-150.2 AP
Z-150.2 AP
Z-150.2 AP

Features and Functions

The ASP-Q2 was not designed to be an “accessory” toy for the dash. It was designed to be an effective tool in tuning and controlling the sound of a car audio system. With 7 bands of parametric equalization you can put correction at any points in the frequency spectrum. The separate bass level lets you balance the bass to the highes. Each channel of both Main and Aux input has its own input signal adjustment.
- Frequency Range: 40Hz-120Hz (Bass), 100Hz-400Hz (Low), 350Hz-900Hz (mid-Low), 650Hz-1.5KHz (Mid), 1.2KHz-4.5KHz (Mid-High), 4KHz-12KHz (High), 8KHz-18KHz (Super-High)
- Subwoofer Frequency: 30 - 300Hz
- Subsonic Frequency: 15- 50Hz
- RCA: 2-Ch. Inputs (Main, Aux) + 3-Ch. Outputs (Front, Rear, Sub)

Features and Functions

- THD < 0.03%THD
- Signal to Noise Ratio > 110dB
- Stereo Separation 70dB
- - Equalization Range: 12dB
- Preamp Output 9.5V RMS / 14V Peak
- Unit Dimensions (mm): 178(W) x 33(H) x 138(L)
- Power Supply Dimensions (mm): 78(W) x 24(H) x 58(L)

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