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The ZX Series. Competition and SPL Amplifiers.





The Zapco ZX Series Competition amps are designed to meet the needs of today’s “Street Challenge” cars that use multiple midrange and high frequency drivers to achieve high SPL in a sound quality car.  Dedicated SPL cars are designed to play only one frequency, but play it very loud. The Street Competition player wants  to get similar sound pressure with a system that has full spectrum sound. This type of system needs massive amounts of power, and with multiple speakers in each frequency range, it needs an amp that can play at low impedances.

The ZX is just that amplifier. The high current power supply and output devices of the ZX full range amps crank out 2,000 watts of power with full range, class AB sound quality. All this power is available in either a 2 Channel or a 4 Channel amplifier.

The Zapco ZX Series Amplifiers

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