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The new Harmony Blue Note Series.





Why “Blue Note”? It comes from the Blue Note Jazz time (1930-1950). It is a way to connect name of audio products with important moments of the modern music history. This touches the soul of people who are passionate about music, and the most easily remembered names

The Harmony brand was born in the 80s, with a wide range of products that combined high quality performance at an affordable price, but without ever forgetting the final result, that is a product capable of reproducing with high fidelity the whole sound spectrum.

This year Harmony come back to the market with a wide range of DSP/Amplifiers, from 6-ch. to 10-ch. DSP, with integrated amplifier, BT streaming and Music Player. A range that will grow in the future with more and more products in order to offer a complete range of audio equipments and meet the needs of all enthusiasts.

The Harmony Series

Zapco presents the new Harmony Blue Note Series with "Charlie", "Duke" and “Louis”. Charlie (model HB 46 ADSP) is a 6-Ch. DSP with integrated 4-Ch. Power Amplifier in only 13,5 x 11,5 x 4,5 cm. The full functions GUI provides a 15-bands EQ and a complete set of DSP tools, with I/O management, crossover, phase/delay. And you can do your setup with the mobile Apps. Charlie also has a quality BT streaming and an integrated Player for high quality music files. The integrated amplifier delivers 4 x 70 watts of maximum power. OEM integration is guaranteed by 4-Ch. high-level inputs. Duke (model HB 48 ADSP) and Louis (model HB 410 ADSP) share all the functions above, but they have an 8-Ch. DSP (Duke) and a 10-Ch. DSP (Louis) with 31-bands EQ, in a 16 x 11,5 x 4,5 cm little longer chassis. Louis has a 8-Ch. amplifier that delivers 8 x 70 watts of maximum power.

With the optional remote control, now available in two different models, it is possible to control Main and Subwoofer volume, choose your present and source, and select the previous or next song in Music Player mode.


A full line of DSP/Amplifiers

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